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Black Hawk Down 
The Truth behind the Fog

All Questions Answered 

Who were the Major Players of Civil War ?
Why Ali Mahdi & Farrah Aidid Started Fighting?
What was the Green Line?
What was the Strength of UN Force?
What was the Strength of US Marines ?
Why Americans Started Supporting Farrah Al Aidid ?
What was Jun 5 Ambush Pak Army 10 Baloch Regiment?
How Local Commadar Abidi was taken down on 6 Jun ?
What was Pakistan Army 13 Jun Operation?
UN Resolution 837 ?
Did Americans really wanted to take down Aidid ? 
Why American Army Planned Operation Gothic Serpent and what was its relation with Bill Clinton Middle East Program

Why Americans supported Farrah Aidid Militia saying "Lack of Evidence" when UN Pushed for Rating Farrah Wanted for Attacking UN Convoys?

Why Americans Relocated Hussain Farrah (Son of Farrah Aidid) in US and also enrolled him in US Army in later Years ?

Was Farrah Militias a B Team of Americans in Dividing the Factions and Uprising against Said Barre ?

Were UN Trapped into a Planned Ambush on 5th Jun ?

Why Americans were Surprised to see Ali Mahdis Militias in Olympus Hotel?

Was it Farrah or Mahdi Militia who shot Black Hawk 61 & 64 down?

Many Unplanned Unexpected Events Happened that day and Americans had to Ask for help from Pakistan Army .

We will tell you the Truth  behind the Fog and also our Analysis of the Situation


Black Hawk Down | The Truth Behind the Fog Complete Series