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Original ✅ Saariya’s ✅ Markhor 3d Metal Badges | Emblems | Cufflinks 📲 Whatsapp 03338345558 | Discount Combo Pack 5100


Markhor Ti’gris Combo | Named After Darya e Dajla | Bahar ul Zulmaat | 


Markhor Badge + Markhor Maroon Cufflinks 


Guarding the Frontiers ! 


Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan.

'Unverified legends' from centuries  reveal that Markhor defends from bad,evil omen.It was Famous to Hunt down Snakes and Kill them by biting the head off , and this is how it got its name : Mar - Snake , Khor - Eater.


Himalayan ancient Tribes used to Keep Markhors in their camps to protect from poisonous snakes.The legendary Goat is still found in Northern Areas of Pakisan.


Dedicated to all Markhors - Snake Killers!


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Markhor Ti'gris Dajla Combo Pack

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5,700.00₨سعر البيع