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"Seven Days of a Markhor"

"An Aristocratic Exuberance" by Saariyas


Monday | Markhor Daywatchers Matt

Tuesday | Markhor Qalandar 

Wednesday | Markhor Black Storks

Thursday | Markhor Siachin Frosted

Friday | Markhor Northern Command 

Saturday | Markhor Daywatchers Antique 

Sunday | Markhor Civil Discourse 



What are the Concepts ?


Monday | First Day of Week ,The Formal Meetings Plan Discussion, Gel Back Hair with Crisp Markhor Matt Golden Badge.


Tuesday | Recce Patrol , Qalandar , Shalwar Kameez , Unnoticed Look , Red Spark , Silence , Patience of a Cat.


Wednesday | Urgent Imp Mission , Black Storks , Light Travel , Complete "Job " Return Back , Day Trip.


Thursday | Visit to Toughest and Roughest Battle Fields , Smart Casual , Fluffy Hair.


Friday | Formal Look Tribals Meeting | Northern Command Late Bar be Ques , Night Attacks.


Saturday | Back to Command Daywatchers Antique, Meet Senior Leadership, Sectors.


Sunday | Smart Casual Meet up with Civil Source and Leaders , White Shalwar Kameez, Gel Back . Important Discussions.


Who are Markhors ?

Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan.'Unverified legends' from centuries reveal that Markhor defends from bad,evil omen.It was notorious to Hunt down Snakes and Kill them by biting the head off , and this is how it got its name : Mar - Snake , Khor - Eater.Himalayan ancient Tribes used to Keep Markhors in their camps to protect from poisonous snakes.The legendary Goat is still found in Northern Areas of Pakistan.Dedicated to all Markhors - Snake Killers!


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Seven Days of Markhor Pack

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