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Our Famous Turtuk Gift Pack of 9 Articles Originally Rs 31400 NOW Rs 26300 Get yours now on 03494227525


Pack includes:::

Markhor Daywatchers Plate 2000

Markhor Lapel pin 2800

Markhor Emblem 2500

Caribiner Knife 4100

Zombie Patch 1900

Medal of Honor Patch 1900

Bugaboo Aluminium Cup 5400

Al Khalid Battle Hardened Pen 3500

Brass Horse Belt Buckle 5400

What is Turtuk ?

Turtuk is a Small Balti Village of around 3K Population on Shyok River under Indian Side , ( Border or Baltistan & Ladakh )

Those who have served in that area will know that

Capturing Turtuk will not take more than Few Hours

And possibly can be a walkthrough just IF the ORDER is given

We connect this pack having very rare and essential articles Turtuk name Very Very Limited Quantities

First come First Get

Who are Markhors ?

Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan.'Unverified legends' from centuries reveal that Markhor defends from bad,evil omen.It was notorious to Hunt down Snakes and Kill them by biting the head off , and this is how it got its name : Mar - Snake , Khor - Eater.Himalayan ancient Tribes used to Keep Markhors in their camps to protect from poisonous snakes.The legendary Goat is still found in Northern Areas of Pakistan.Dedicated to all Markhors - Snake Killers!



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Turkuk Gift Pack 9 Articles

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